Decadent Gluten-free Vegan Baking Giveaway and Meet Cara!

Decadent Gluten-free Vegan Baking Giveaway and Meet Cara!

You know that panicked feeling you get when a special person is coming over to your house and you look around and realize that dust has settled over every flat surface, there’s a pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away (in fact, it’s been waiting for about a week), the kitchen floor looks like the aftermath of a paintball battle (in which your team lost) and then… And then your…

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Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 9

Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 9

Has it been a week already?! I hope you all are hungry, because Angela, Poppy and I have some beautiful plant-based foods to share with you courtesy of last week’s VVLP participants. Feast your eyes below! For a refresher on how this linky works, please visit this post or this page.

Just a quickie note – be sure to come back to An Unrefined Vegan on Friday because I have a very special guest post…

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Double Chocolate Hazelnut Shookie

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Shookie

This warm weather drink is an “outtake” recipe from my upcoming cookbook; just couldn’t squeeze it in, so I thought I’d share it here.  This rich drink is not quite thick enough to be a full-on shake (unless you use frozen bananas), but is rather a “shookie” – a cross between a shake and a smoothie.



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Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 8

Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 8

We had a fantastic turn-out for last week’s Potluck – so many incredible plant-based dishes! Let’s see if we can’t outdo ourselves this week!

For a refresher course on how this link thing works, please visit this post. Okay, on to VVLP8! But first, take a look at the most popular (based on clicks) recipes from last week:

Curry Cashew Savory Granola by Kathy Hester, shared via the Taste…

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On Curly Hair, Mud Toothpaste, & Washing with Witch Hazel (My So-Called Beauty Routine)

On Curly Hair, Mud Toothpaste, & Washing with Witch Hazel (My So-Called Beauty Routine)

Being the beauty and style-maven that I am…I thought I’d share some of my – ahem – “secrets.”  Just as I’ve made huge changes in the way that I clean my home – i.e., making my own chemical-free stuff – I’ve moved towards simplifying and detoxifying the way that I take care of my skin, hair, and teeth.


In the morning, I splash my face with cool water.  That’s it.  Should I apply…

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Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 7

Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 7

While Angela is galavanting around beautiful Alaska, Poppy and I are holding down the fort here at VVLP Central.  A quick reminder, we share your gorgeous dishes on Instagram, Pinterest (with link back to your site), and An Unrefined Vegan’s Facebook Page(with link back to your site). Hopefully you are reaping some benefit from this added exposure.  It would be great if you could help us grow…

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Cantaloupe Cream Shooters

Kel didn’t plant cantaloupe this year. And yet we have a veritable army of volunteer plants and a steady stream of melons. Along with its real estate-hogging pals watermelon, zucchini, acorn squash, and butternut squash – also volunteers – it’s taking over the garden with umbrella-sized leaves and grasping tendrils. (One of the unsung benefits of composting – “free” vegetables the next season!)…

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Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 6

Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 6

Hello there!  Welcome to the 6th Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck!  Please enjoy the deliciousness from last week’s winners and then don’t miss out – – enter your own dish for this week! Remember, VVLP is on Instagram AND Pinterest so Follow us and spread the plant-based love.

Easy Guacamole & Refried Beans by Rubber Cowgirl

Easy Guacamole & Refried Beans Rubber Cowgirl

Berry Lemonade Smoothie by A. Cook in the Making

Berry Lemonade Smoothie A. Cook in the Making


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Everyday (Super)food E-book Giveaway

Everyday (Super)food E-book Giveaway

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Danielle Dewar of the food blog, Baking Backwards, and recent self-published cookbook authoress! Congratulations, Danielle!  She and I go waaaay back to many Virtual Vegan Potlucksand I’m happy to be able to spread the news of her beautiful cookbook – but also to be able to share one of her gluten-free, simple and healthy recipes along with the…

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Roasted Apricot Custard Pie, BlogHer, & Jazzy Vegetarian Radio

Roasted Apricot Custard Pie, BlogHer, & Jazzy Vegetarian Radio

Wednesday was a pretty good day for me and An Unrefined Vegan.  After a long absence, I recently re-created my BlogHer account, updated my profile and photo, and added a few posts – a recipe and a couple of short, non-recipe posts that I’d previously published here on my blog. So I was delighted when I was contacted by BlogHer to let me know they’d featured my article, We Have A Beehive. We Just…

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